July 03, 2007

Two Warriors

I wrote this poem based on a dream I had, about two spears crossing each others path while in flight. It is a bit on the long side, but please show the patience to read it in its entirety. Do let me know your honest views about it.

Two warriors

At the borders of two nations
Stood two armies of great ambition

Two warrior kings on either side…..
Battle joined royal, woe betide

Both strong, both conquerors
Both in the ways of the world wise

Both the spear did choose
To wreak havoc, panic let loose

Far away they let fly
The spears towards a place seen by neither eye

Though the mortal form before the fight
Each was a god in his own right

To kill, not maim, was the final goal
To pierce the mortal shell, with a sharpened pole

The time I speak of, the weapons were wise
Though they were launched, they saw with their eyes

Before they maim or kill, think they must
No innocent killed, no execution unjust

Alas the two spears were let fly
Each one just and right in the throwers eye

As the one from the west flew,
He saw the land from up in the sky, so blue

Verdant and fertile was the land
That ruled under the western kings hand

Though feed his people from the land he could
Does not mean that he really would

To want more, not need more
To possess the land, from shore to shore

Thus was the western king desire
That most glorious of greedy fire

Thus far, the western spears way
Is all that I could describe today

What of the eastern kings spear
Would of his journey, you not hear

He too flew from his masters hand
He too surveyed his masters land

As he flew over the hill
Oh! So charged with his masters will

He too judged, his masters lands
The green oases and the dry, dry sands

He saw the peoples pleasure and their pain
The close juxtaposition of the twain

Of the same greed, guilty his master, the king
For the land, that the glorious war could bring

He too craved to rule from shore to shore
And if humanly possible, so much more

Now the two spears, in mid air did meet
As two warriors should, each other they did greet

The eastern spear first spoke his mind,
To the circumstances we must not be blind

Do I fly ahead and kill your master
Or is it JUST to kill mine faster

The wise western spear, spoke of his master now
The greed of conquest, does my masters judgment cloud

The land we live in can satisfy our wants
Tis not want but greed, that my master haunts

Though his subjects, his nation, his soldiers, he holds his heart near
But the glory of never ending conquest, is that which he holds dear

On hearing this, could no longer hold his tongue
The eastern spear, so fresh and young

Of greed and gluttony its tool
Is guilty too, my master the fool

Only the mention of lands so lush and verdant
Springs a thought, so discordant

Though the oases may be green
From the rest of the land the pickings are lean

In the wide deserts, our people do hunger
And it is unwise for my king to slumber

On such points the wise weapons debated
While on the ground the forces waited

To see the end, of which they saw the start
To know the judgment of the wise dart

The clouds cleared, the spears alighted
One struck the land, the other a kingdom benighted

As for the end we wait, why must I judge
Why not the decisions from their places be budged?

So where do you feel the wise spears landed
Whom did they kill and whom with victory garlanded?

This question I leave unsolved,
Like many of life’s mysteries, its better left unresolved

Now your leave, I must take
While you judge the twisted fate

Of the two warriors who in battle met
And by the laws of justice, one was in the others debt!!!!!!