October 24, 2006

Old time Crooners

Here is my attempt at an old crooners song(someone like jim reeves or sinatra).All comments are welcome

Path of love
sing of the summer, those sultry summers
in that lovely way you do\
sing of the daybreak, sing of the lovers
when i said i love you\\

sing of the monsoon, those rainy monsoons
in that lovely way you do\
sing of the noon time,sing of the silence
when i was just looking at you \\

sing of the winter ,the lonely winters
in that lovely way you do\
sing of the starlight,sing of the heart break
when WE became, me and you\ \

Eve leaving eden

Just a little something I cobbled together in photoshop.

October 22, 2006

small poem

In the absurd he searches for reality
Understanding rhyme and poetic duality
He exists,his time he bides
In my heart, I hope this poet resides

October 12, 2006

one click love

i found the above link while browsing through( okay I admit it"while registering on") fropper.com!!! This dude gives tips on how to survive in the internet dating jungle and has to be read, to be believed. I mean he has silly advice compounded by an exaggerated self image all wrapped up in a little package of advice giving...
i recommend for a good laugh anyday