May 03, 2010

A new word for a new state of mind

There is a poignant german word, called "Torschlusspanik", the rough translation of which is "the fear of closing doors". It is the emotion conjured up when we ponder the various avenues that are permanently closed to us as individuals.

While this word describes an essential part of the human condition, I would like to propose another unique, albeit less satisfactorily morbid linguistic exercise. The aim of this exercise would be to devise a word which would be the the polar opposite of "Torschlusspanik"; in the same way that a gentle cynic relates to a fanatic.

In brief terms, this word would mean "The complacence of partially open avenues/doors". According to me this is the feeling that all is not wrong yet and some small effort on my part will correct the situation. It is a temporaray state of mind, gradually metamorphosing either into "Torschlusspanik" or resolving itself through action leading to a better future.

While I did come up with "Doorpartiallyopencomplacence", I think it lacks the pizazz that the german words do. On a side note, germans have some very nice words to describe whole sentences. For example Weltanschaunng, Schadenfreude etc (look it up, you lazy bums). Coming back to the topic at hand, if you think of any words, do suggest them

Signing out