October 24, 2006

Old time Crooners

Here is my attempt at an old crooners song(someone like jim reeves or sinatra).All comments are welcome

Path of love
sing of the summer, those sultry summers
in that lovely way you do\
sing of the daybreak, sing of the lovers
when i said i love you\\

sing of the monsoon, those rainy monsoons
in that lovely way you do\
sing of the noon time,sing of the silence
when i was just looking at you \\

sing of the winter ,the lonely winters
in that lovely way you do\
sing of the starlight,sing of the heart break
when WE became, me and you\ \


ninkita said...

Hey, that was rather good, I think.. and it's funny in a way, cause recently i've been ranting incessantly about the kind of songs i get to listen to on teh radio.. every other song is abt ppl making out and things had come to a pass where i was just dying to hear a love song that was about the feeling,etc..

Canary said...

hey.. dats well attempted.. sorry for sneaking in uninvited but i thot ur blog was rather readable :)(unlike some others)

Kartik Menon said...

@canary & ninkita
thanks for boosting my morale...will try to do more of thisd stuff in the future

sayak said...

short n sweet...loved it!!!

akhil said...


krupali said...

good stuff there!..

nikhil said...

lovely man!!!

Aneesha Pillai said...

That was gr8..loved it!!

Me.. said...

oyeee.. whaddup mate..??

just cant believe u came up with love-shove and all..

cool attempt, but mate..
we want more..

Kartik Menon said...

kya yaar u dont allow me to express my romantic side....very disheartening for me(boo hoo)

Dimple said...

love song ..kya baat hai !!!!..i am impressed with u..good work

Shreyas said...

whaddup ye mahn..?? still crooning over y'ar love..??
come outta the shell.. we want more words from u..

-: :Abhi: :- said...

tht was luvly man..Make it frequent write..:)