August 16, 2006

An anecdote

 An engineer and a scientist are arguing about the merits of their respective callings.
Finally the scientist uses his trump card and says that engineering depends on pure science thus making science superior. Now there is no way the engg. is taking this stuff lightly, not after all the crap he went through to become one.
He tells the scientist lets have a contest. Whoever wins his field is better.
He holds up a paper plane and asks the scientist if he can predict where it is going to land up to a reasonable degree of accuracy. The scientist agrees.
He goes to his computer, inputs the variables, does a little fancy math and finally decides on a landing spot. The plane is launched and it looks as if the scientist is going to win but at the last moment a gust of air hits and the plane lands a little distance away. Now it is the engineers turn. He draws a small circle near his foot then crumples the plane and drops it in the circle.

Moral of the story: Improvise.And please dont mess with engineer's. They have it bad as it is...


nikhil said...


Ricky said...

Good one!! I am an engineer. so you get my point...LOL

PythoRoshan said...

ha ha..good one.

sun4none said...

haha.. another frustrated engg! all my engg pals! y n wat makes thm ths? hehe!