August 24, 2006

My take on war

Vive le mort
Vive le guerre
Vive la vie mercenaire!!!

Roughly translated from french it means:-
Salute to death
Salute to war
Salute the way of the soldier!!!

If you look at our past then you will notice that the above statement is justified. Our great epics are about war(Mahabharata, The Iliad), all our great heroes were mostly soldiers and seriously speaking we define peace as the period between wars. If you only look at the Jewish Holocaust and the terrorism prevalent today then you will notice that its proponents mostly have nothing to do with the ideology. It is the opportunity of waging war on fellow humans that excites them. For an intelligent species we sure are stupid when it comes to self preservation. Or are we so naïve!!!
Maybe we wage war as a way of maintaining the balance of nature. Since we are at the top of the food chain and have no natural enemies, war could be our way of erasing the karmic debt we have accumulated while systematically raping our only home. It could be mans greatest apology to the element’s, a cry for forgiveness whilst we continue to ravage it.
All I know is that one species could not be so hell bent on destroying itself unless it has some other motives. If you can think of any do tell me..........


zzz-writer said...

the philosophy of karmas is a great way to justify all sins.
(imagine someone blaming their karmas for being a murderer!!)
somehow humans have walked on a defective logic which has seeds of self- destruction within its womb.
as far as the epic mahabhartha goes, it taught us not the futility of war, on the contrary, the need for war b/w the good and the evil..but ofcourse not before all efforts towards peace have been exhausted
no war is welcomed, but being a pacifist does in no way mean taking injustice lying down. Gandhi taught this and so did Krishna-although at the face of it two appear quite opposite. but again, both had different contexts and different dynamics and different ways.
it is said,war is fought in the fields but, is rooted in the minds of men and that is what needs to be transformed.

ninkita said...

well, history as recorded tends to be about wars adn people who fought and so on, but there are several different kinds of people.. the warriors want their deeds recorded.. intellectuals have a different kind of conceit. its like two people looking at what life is about in two completely different ways, and both being convinced they're right. typical, you know

and about the bit where you talked of the way man was working it off on man cause there weren't no other natural enemies to work the debt off on... i think man is being idiotic and piling up more debts than is realised.

zzz-writer said...

kartik, i have posted a reply to your comment on my blog

nikhil said...

war is used to satisfy mans insatiable need to be better than other can never be eradicated...power is something that can drive man to unmentionable limits

Shreyas said...

a war.. subtle.. or fought.. for kill or or for win.. for ambition or for satisfaction.. beyond words an honours.. it has always from the initial ages.. has been a whim of a frustrated thought..
it is more like finding conflicting interests to justify ur existance..

Shreyas said...

and mitr.., learn to reply to comments.. if y're looking for regular and growing traffic..

Kartik Menon said...

@shreyas very poetic way of expressing urself...

@nikhil which other races are you talking about.. a terrorist can never equal a country as he never fights in the open, so he cannot claim the spoils