September 17, 2006

my thoughts after reading "Fight club"

“Is tyler my bad dream or am I Tylers”
This signature line from fight club echoes the very duality of our existense. Are we defined by our memories or are our memories defined by us? What makes us real? Can u call a reflection an imaginary thing just because it does not exist in our plane of existence? Are we a reflection of our reflection; our existense defined by the existense of the reflection.
When I walk away from a mirror does my reflection cease to exist or does it shrink away into an alternate universe where left is right?
Are we real and if so define reality without any points of reference. Define reality without referencing it to other events ,creating the snake which swallows its own tail…receding into oblivion…falling into an abyss of multiple consciousnesses and zero consciousness where our existense itself is imperiled…I think therefore I am
What happens when I cease to think…am I not or am I???
If existense is defined by thought, then I could be a figment of someones imagination, my world with all its rules, wars , rapes murders could be some childs nightmare….


nikhil said...

as far as i knw i dont have the mental capacity or the time to think abt all this...i want the novel!!:P

Aneesha Pillai said...


ME.. said...

oye.. damn been wanting to read that one for long.. think id go for it the next vacations..!!

aur bataa hows life coming up.. and freako.. u didnt respond to my previous comment..!!

sun4none said...

ummm.. think deep.. u'll get ur answers :)