March 30, 2009


Breaking news, Three men shot
Their lives changed; from alive to not.

As they lay dying, thoughts ran through their head
One yelled "Ram", one "Allah" and the third yelled "Bread"

Their post mortem report, this way it read,
the third one was hungry, the other two well fed.


The Ink in My Veins... said...

ermm... which means... that food > God?? :-/

Kartik Menon said...

there is no such meaning...all the poem emphasises is that abstractions like god etc only enter our mind when our stomach is full...It is a plea against fanaticism in a world where even the basic needs arent being met...

Gautam said...

you got a good sense of humour...and you convey a meaning in less number of words. hve tried doing it its very difficult.....keep posting i am following ur blog hope you dont disappoint....;))

veronett said...

Thumbs up