January 13, 2011

Indian Science Fiction

I just realised today, why Indian art/movies does not have good/original science fiction. The entire basis of science fiction, especially the alien invasion variety is based on acute xenophobia. India has never been xenophobic. Come to think of it, we are part of the great alien invasion Hollywood is so scared of. We are the invaders they cant fight with their weapons, rendering their missile silos impotent by non-confrontation. Non violence is the greatest emasculator, as it removes all possibility of displayed Machismo. We were always like the sea, absorbing all foreign elements, integrating them and eventually subsuming them into our culture. In fact we are xenophilic by nature.

The inherent assumption is that foreign things must be better followed by the surprise when they dont match up to our expectations. It is not a surprising emotion for a country, perpetually disappointed by those we believe in. While it engendered a paralysing passivity, it also enables us to be hopeful that anything new can only better. Maybe this is the true reason that India is shining when the world undergoes monumental change. When you accept change whilst othere reject it, it automatically gives you a upper hand.

The irony is that as we succeed as a nation, each new generation will be less open to change, more conventional in its life choices. This will enable some other nation, another underdog to be the rising star of the future..

Aah!!! Change, she is a bitch :)


Inspector Clouseau said...

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Anonymous said...

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yellowrobin said...

I agree that India is "Other" to Hollywood (really, anything non-American is "Other") but I think you need to elaborate on how that directly impacts the production of sci-fi books/movies.

To me, sci-fi is frequently preoccupied with alternate paths, with dystopias or disasters that only rely on humanity's morbid curiosity... as well as an idea of what the stable world, the 'normal' world should be.

Can you go into your definition of sci-fi? Sorry, I've only read this one post after clicking "next blog" a few times.

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