August 05, 2006

It begins!!!

It is said that the world began with the Omkara"the audible manifestation of Om".So who am i to break with established protocol???

I will start with blog by reviewing Omkara-The movie. Let me start of by congratulating the scriptwriters on the amzing job they have done transferring shakespeare to modern day rural politics. they got the flavour of Othello while staying within the framework of rural India. also hats off to Saif for the amazing potrayal of Langda. You can almost sympathise with the cripple even though he is the antagonist. As usual Konkana Sen shows her ability to potray people of other languages without going overboard with it.
The only complaint I have is in the way movies like this shift our view of bollywood. Just when I had convinced myself that our industry is going down the drain a movie like this or "hazaron khwahishe......." pops up and shakes our preconcieved notions.
Hope many such movies are made and we can then think of competing with what hollywood has to offer.


nikhil said...

welcome to blogspot and the movie was way too awesome!!!

nikhil said...

BTW now u have the ultimate dishonour of being in my fav blogs list ;)

nikhil said...

go to the template section and then go at the end of the code there u will see a addresses of google and stuff just change it to what ever u want....accha BTW pls click on the links on my site...the bastards at google are paying me for it :))