August 08, 2006

Heres another movie review

Just when I start to feel that Indian movies will no longer be able to compete in the international market that a movie like “Hazaron khwahishe Aisi” pops up and brings back hope. Imagine a movie with the poignancy of the period of emergency coupled along with a touching love story; all rounded off with a slight dig on the leftist ambitions of the elite class which exists only to assuage their guilt at living in the lap of luxury.

It showcases the life of the “intellectuals” who populated the halls of academia in the late seventies. Though in the start we are against shiney’s character due to his lack of backbone later on in the movie we see that it is the practical action of an unwilling member of the great lower middle class. In the end it is the cynical character who sacrifices it all for his love while the rich boy slides out to “study medicine”.
The music is extraordinary and it requires a heart of stone to not be melted by the last song “Bavra Mann”. It showcases the extreme hopelessness of the protagonists conditions along with the hope in life which keeps us going in the face of extreme suffering. It is a glorious salute to love that conquers all even disability.


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i thoroughly enjoyed the go to peoples blogs and post comments and start writing abt ur life and make it exciting.

badrish said...

hey dude......first rule of writing about movie is to not give away crucial spoils the movie for them.........

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