August 09, 2006

My look at communism(being a Keralite I should,should'nt I)

The basic premise on which the communist ideology is based Is perceived need for equality in a society. I believe that this is the only major place where communism fails to deliver as total equality negates the drive for excelling that is inherently present in man. For a human to function at his peak he requires an incentive or a goal towards which he can direct his vision. In the capitalistic societies like America it is the lifestyles of the rich and famous towards which the people keep aiming. In a still developing nation like India the rural ideal is the life led by zamindars while the urban man fantasizes about the great Indian dream (good house, good car, pretty wife). Now in communist ideology lack of talent is not considered reason enough for a person to lack the “good life”. This sentiment while ideally perfect ensures that ability is similarly not rewarded for existing. This causes the entire structure to collapse as the common man is not concerned with ideologies and is more interested in how the situation can be used to better his standard of living.
For communist ideology to function it is necessary to incorporate the idea of talent being appreciated. The basic premise of communism “to each according to his need rather his ability” has to be modified to be used only for the basics of life (food, basic housing and clothes). For all the other perks of modern living the citizens should have to prove their excellence which once discovered should not go unrewarded. The problem with this is that till this systems can be in place there is going to be period of strife which the society will have to survive as basically we are opposing the instinctive free market ideology every human is born with. Also required are a strong national identity which has to be developed to allow the people to bear suffering for the sake of the nation. It also helps if the people are allowed to practice religion because as Karl Marx said “Religion is the opiate of the masses” and in some situations an opiate is just what people need. The main benefits are reaped if the religion is one which stresses the inevitability of certain events causing less distress amongst the populace. A religion like Hinduism with its focus on the inability of even the gods to alter fate would help by bringing about a feeling of resignation in the crucial first generation. Christianity or Islam fail in the communist context as these religion promise affirmative action on the part of the almighty on behalf of the populace regardless of their previous action (the concept of divine forgiveness is what I mean).
This is just my rough idea and i plan to write moreon this

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